MVCD 2022 Graduation Exhibition
The problems hiding in plain sight aren't plain at all!


May 6th~ 8th, 2022
per month

About our capstone projects

Designer: Ashley Lucas

Air pollution disproportionately affects people of color and low-income communities; leading to effects on the body from asthma to premature death.

Indigenous Perspectives
Designer: Aubri Blueeyes

Blending western and indigenous knowledge together, despite their variations, different forms of knowledge can learn from each other. Seeing the importance of traditional knowledge could perhaps be the solution to improving how we approach and treat the land.

No Blue No Green
Designer: Liang "Leanna" Wu

Visualizing Arizona's water issues, creating emotional connections, and raising awareness about water conservation. Redesigned Chandler's water bill and created new web pages to help people use water wisely.

Designer: McCall Barger

Writing and visualizing a unique story that inspires people to see the desert in new ways. Encouraging others to create their own stories and imagine ways that our world can be better than it already is.

Designer: Michelle Jiang

Helping natural disaster victims in Louisiana get the free assistance they deserve, through the redesign of a mobile app for the Cajun Navy Ground Force Charity Foundation, designed to include all people of all abilities.

On The Move
Designer: Sabrina Medrano

Establishing a lifestyle that will help impact the future of Downtown Los Angeles, shifting the way transportation is used.

Designer: Qijia "Euca" You

Reconnect Arizonans to authentic and ethnic local foods by designing an App to raise awareness of home-based food education, consuming Arizona seasonal products, and supporting local producers.

Where’s the Spark?
Designer: Sela Britton

Revitalizing inclusivity and sense of belonging for remote workers through drop-based activities and shared learning.

The Consequences of Copper
Designer: Shayle Cunico

Exploration of the industrialization of copper mining and “clean” energy’s inverse consequences on our planet, population and prosperity.

Color and Sound
Designer: Sheldon Noel

Is there a link between Color and Sound? Audio-Visual Communication is a field that explores this question and studies the visual links between color, sound, and experiences. 

In the last year of the MVCD program, we gathered extensive research and explored innovative solutions for our capstone topics. Our topics focus on different social issues and explore how visual communication can be essential for creating a better and more sustainable future. To raise awareness and initiate actions towards our topics, we design and execute this Graduation Exhibition as a platform to display how visual communication designers can help tackle these issues and provide potential solutions. Our goal is to create an immersive experience that leaves our audience feeling inspired to initiate positive, transformative change in our society.