2017 Exhibits

Creativity in Nature
Sketchbooks are one of the most accessible tools for designers to
creating and presenting ideas. To support designers in finding ideas, this project focused on capturing observation in the form of a sketchbook.
Due to the pressing issue of sustainability, and the great impact visual communication practices has on the environment, this notebook was designed with Biomimicry. Instead of Human-centered design, biomimetic solutions focus on life-centered design. Through this project, I learned the methodology of environmental-friendly design, as well as was inspired by the wisdom of nature.

Noble Venetian Families’ Mooring Poles and Palaces
Paline are the poles painted with color stripes in the Grand Canal of Venice. These poles were the emblem of nobility and power of wealthy Venetian families in history. The poles were used to moor the gondolas of nobles and merchants who lived in the palaces along the canal and still remain as a decoration. However, as time went by, most of the poles’ original appearances were changed based on personal preference. In this project, I hope what I did would be helpful to the tourists to have a better understanding of Venetian history by my “visually reconstructed relationship” of those colorful mooring poles to the palaces they indicate.

Envision Wisdom — Tao Te Ching Redesign
Tao Te Ching is one of the greatest Chinese classic texts, written by the sage Laozi around the 4th century BC which formed a big part of the core values of Chinese culture. As the member of the Chinese younger generation, I feel a big disconnection from ancient wisdom like Taoism.
I am grateful for the versatile entertainment we have in our time, but at the same time I am worried about a big decline in cultural inheritance from reading. As a designer, who gives power to images as a means of communication, I intend to visualize the wisdom for Tao te ching to provoke people to learn from it, rethink instructive wisdom, advance their lives, and keep passing on valuable Chinese culture.

Mindful Coloring for Hospital Patients
Visits to a U.S. hospital often induces the feeling of stress in patients, families and staff members. According to the American Psychological Association, “twelve percent of Americans have said they skipped going to the doctor in the past year when they needed health care because of financial concerns.” In their 2014 study, participants stated that on average, health concerns were indicated to be one of top four stressors.
While the cause of stress may vary, patients who experience a prolonged period of stress usually have a longer stay in the hospital. This project explores how the act of coloring may reduce stress and leave patients in a better state of mind.

Beauty of the Stars
No two autistic children are alike. It’s actually a spectrum of disorders. A spectrum that ranges from non-verbal to verbal. Among all the features, in this book, I mainly focused on three main features, which are repeating certain actions, thinking in pictures, not in words, and unable to make eye contact and emotion recognition. How to improve the communication skills and social interaction of children who live with Asperger’s Syndrome through communication design. I researched colors, textures, forms, and materials. I strive to design an activity toolkit. My design process incorporates research, prototype, and tests.

Discover Wonderland
Wonderland is an inclusive space for all users to come and re-energize, find creativity through the playful elements of Alice in Wonderland and discover something new. This project was where my background in landscape architecture merged with experiential graphic design to create this unique experience to push forward imagination, wonder and innovative thinking. The project was conceived by the Arizona State University's Team and created for the 2017 Walt Disney Imagineering’s Imaginations Design Competition.

America, March Madness, and the Pure Joy of Upset
This project is an exploration of “March Madness”, and its role in American culture, through analysis and visualization of data from the 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, as it happened. I set out to explore how the nationwide appeal of the tournament, and the role of the underdog upset, come together to make March Madness the joyful roller coaster Americans can’t get enough of.