2017 Student Profiles

Zhenqi Wang
Zhenqi Wang is a graphic designer who loves dealing with pattern, illustration, handmade work and sustainability. This time she designed a sketchbook through Biophilia and Biomimicry to allow designer get inspired by the wisdom of nature.

Xin Li
As a weekday designer, my weekend life is very different. Sometimes I am a Sunday painter, sometimes a Sunday craftsman. Apart from graphic design, I research airplanes, build rockets, listen classical music, and paint landscapes. Oh, by the
way, I used to be a biology student many years
ago in my undergraduate years. If you are interested in cell biology, molecular biology, micro-biology,
or biochemistry, feel free to ask this legendary
graphic designer :)

Yu Tian
Yu Tian or Zoey, 1990 made in China.
After receiving a Multimedia Design Bachelor in 2013, she interned for Nokia UX Department and then worked for the Software Branch of Alibaba Group in Beijing. Her former works cover the
Brand Visual Identities, Mobile Applications, Interaction Designs, and Systematic Visual Guidelines. She is currently a Master student in Visual Communication Design at ASU, trying to envision information by utilizing the diverse media of photography, typography, three-dimensional arts, animation and illustration.

Kelsey Hinesley
Kelsey has had a long-standing love affair with design and technology– making visual communication a perfect career choice. She is very interested in how culture and communication influence each design. Kelsey’s project stemmed from the exploration into how design influences peace and how different cultures approach this concept and then narrowed into how design can be utilized to reduce stress.

Jia Li
Jia Li is a multi-disciplinary designer who finds inspiration in a diverse range of cultural, aesthetic, and multifunctional design. My projects have
included the design of visual identities, print, and packaging design.

Trish Nhan
Trish is a graphic designer with a background in landscape architecture. Her focus is on experiential graphic design within the built environment for ASU’s Neeb Plaza. She is fascinated with how the outdoor environment can be shaped to spark wonder and creativity. Her projects include animation, signage, discovery in the space and capturing the experience in Wonderland.

Dain Williams
Dain is a designer, illustrator, sports fan, and Tempe, Arizona native. Anything dressier than a t-shirt is not ideal.